Alpine Cavaliers Testimonials

Ruby is amazing!

I loved working with Alpine Cavaliers when we purchased our Ruby. They were so kind to correspond with. They were open and honest with us about their breeding journey. And we love our dog! She's happy and healthy!

Valerie Gipe

Beautiful dogs

I have been involved in the purchasing of 3 dogs over the past few years. One for me and 2 for family members. With each experience, I have been more than satisfied. The breeder goes above and beyond to make sure you are regularly updated. All 3 dogs have been healthy and have adjusted well to their new homes.

Richard Becker


Wonderful dog and wonderful buying experience. Alpine cavaliers provided pictures often during our wait to pickup day. We got to watch as Finn developed his personality. Pickup was easy and they provided us with guidance for his diet

Felicia Lamberth

Grateful for an excellent experience and loving healthy puppy

We had looked for a puppy through a
traditional route and were not confortable with not knowing the history and conditions of their breeding environment.
We found Alpine Cavaliers through They reached out to let us know a Cavalier boy was available (Gourd aka Clover). They responded quickly to our many questions and shared plenty of photos and videos. Step by step as we made our decision and purchased Clover they were very professional and courteous. We picked up Clover at their beautiful farm location and spend time learning more about him from Adrie and meeting him as well as his parents. It was clear after he adapted to his new house that he was of a very living and obedient nature and had been very well trained for a 4 month old. He had his early vaccines and all paperwork in order and is a very healthy pup!! We are extremely grateful to Adrie and Alpine Cavaliers for our new family member.



We couldn't be happier with our Alpine Cavalier puppy! He is beautiful, healthy, smart, and has a wonderful, very friendly personality. His training went well. Adrie is a joy to work with. The whole process went smoothly. We adopted our puppy early - at 3 weeks. Adrie kept us up to date on his growth and progress and sent us pictures and videos often. We would not hesitate to adopt another Alpine puppy in the future.

Meg Clark

The dog of our dreams!!

I found alpine cavaliers on facebook one day & from the beginning had a great experience waiting for our new baby cavalier to come home, from the strong communication, seeing pictures, they somehow got better & better each time, to hearing about the vet check ups. Adriele kept us informed all along the way. Ive been dreaming of getting a cavalier for years & seriously looking the last 2 years. The other breeders i spoke with & adoptions that fell through just didnt seem right. Im so glad the stars aligned & i found Alpine. I was very impressed by the beautiful farm where Adriele & her sister lives that the dogs are raised on. Lots of room for them to run & grow. Our Luna is a treasure, she is playful, loving & affectionate, smart & loyal like no other dog we've ever had. My fiance & i often say to eachother i cant believe shes even real for how adorable & sweet she is. Great with other dogs & cats. We cant go anywhere without getting comments on how sweet & cute she is. Which she loves the attention! Vet check ups have all been great, no health issues so far at 6 months. 5 stars. We love our baby!!

Kimberly Grantham

Love of my life

Thank you for such an amazing experience and keeping in touch along the way! Could not have asked for anything more! Thank you for such an amazing little lady! She’s the sweetest in the world and the love of our life!!!

Anique Toris

Going an extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction (and puppies happiness)

As a (first time) Cavalier owner, we have seen the willingness to listen to our concerns (and some basic questions), the guidance to 'welcome' and take care of the new addition to our family, and the support to get our puppy transported to Seattle, WA safely and sound. We have had so much joy with Mila and we kept asking ourselves why it took so long to have a Cavalier. From promptly responding to inquires, to showing the puppies via Facetime so we could 'pick' the one we liked the most, weekly photos showing MIla's growth before being sent to our family, and the regular 'check ins' (birthday, dog's health) as just a few examples of the things the Alpine team do to ensure customer satisfaction and puppies happiness.

Rodrigo Orzari

Amazing experience

I found Alpine Cavaliers online and just happened to be the day my sweet Lizzie was born. I had been looking for a female Tri Colored for about a year. Alpine regularly sent my pictures of our sweet girl until she was ready to come home. They have also kept in touch and sent her birthday wishes. They are truly wonderful and genuinely care about their dogs.

Falyn Waters

Perfect dog and perfect breeder experience!!

Adriele and Ariana Smucker made the selection of our puppy and the purchase process so very easy and pleasant. Great customer service!! A beautiful, well run kennel, in a peaceful, wholesome environment. Our dog loves snugglling, playing, happily interacting with everyone. Beautiful and friendly!! She has made our home feel more cozy and peaceful. We give our highest heartfelt recommendation for Alpine Cavalier Breeders!

Bob and Cheryl Wagner

Sprinkles to Bella

My husband and I purchased a beautiful Ruby girl who we named Isabella, though we call her Bella. She is a healthy, curious, intelligent bundle of snuggles. Adrie was wonderful, sending pictures and videos until we picked up our little girl. Having a blanket that smelled like mom to go home with was the icing on the cake. God bless and thank you Alpine Cavaliers. Bella and Gabby (our 4 year old cavalier) are so much alike and enjoy playing with each other.

Nicole Wilson

Our Puppy

We had an amazing experience with Alpine Cavaliers and thank them so much for bringing us our sweet cavalier! She is apart of our family and we are so glad to have her! We hope to get another one soon from Alpine!

aubrie johnson

Awesome breeders!

Alpine Cavaliers was amazing from when we first contacted them to picking up our puppy. Having never had a puppy before, only older rescue dogs, I had many questions, and they were very helpful at giving information and advice to ensure the best possible early days with my puppy. We drove to their farm to pick him up, and they let us sit with our puppy, his mother, and his siblings to watch them play for as long as we wanted. I was impressed with the healthy farm environment they clearly had been raised in, as well as the loving attitude of the breeders toward the puppies. I highly recommend Alpine!

Pamela White

My new service dog

Alpine Cavaliers is a wonderful breeder! I have been looking for an AKC certified breed for becoming a service dog. They allowed me to visit the puppies and see how they acts, I felt no pressure that I needed to buy a puppy and I really appreciated that. Once I found the right puppy for me they sent me me many pictures of my new puppy as well as allow me to leave one of my shirts for him to sleep with. Alpine Cavaliers is very trust worthy and I definitely want to stick with this breed and breeder down the road! 5 stars from me!

Ryan lopez

Pleasant Experience. Great pup.

Our experience with Alpine Cavaliers was pleasant all the way around. They were helpful in the best sense of the word and went beyond our expectations to help us in obtaining our new family member. Our puppy is a gorgeous and smart black and tan. We would not hesitate to get another dog from this breeder.

Jan Kitchen

Our experience with Alpine Cavaliers has been uniquely wonderful. We searched for 3 months before locating Alpine Cavaliers on Facebook, we were leary about buying a puppy on Facebook, because of so many Scams with dogs going on. After talking to Alpine Cavaliers, they quickly put us at ease that they were an honest breeder. So we proceeded with the purchase and we are so glad that we did. Our puppy is very healthy and happy and we are to. We attribute this to a good start in life by Alpine Cavaliers, they give their puppies a lot of love and kindness as well as feed them a healthy diet. If you decide to purchase a puppy from Alpine Cavaliers you can rest assured that you are getting a quality puppy and that your dealing with an honest breeder.

Lynn & Diane Huckaby


Our experience with Alpine was heartwarming to say the least. We recently had lost our 14-year-old cavalier to cancer and my husband "needed" another little boy. We still have 2 female cavaliers one that is 8 and another that is 2 years old. We went and saw about 10 little puppies running around playing and that was all it took. Our timing was bad as we are traveling back and forth to Florida and building a house in Sevierville, so this new responsibility was a big decision. Ken fell in love with BOURN and that was all he talked about for a week, so we pulled the trigger and decided we needed him in our family. Alpine cavaliers were so patient with us throughout the whole process. We asked countless questions and took a lot of their time but they we so accommodating and caring. We delayed our trip back to Florida so that we could pick him up. He is the sweetest little boy and you could tell he was loved and cared for by the girls. When we got back to Florida I took him to our local vet to get his shots and check him out. The vet stated" all puppies usually have worms and such but this little one does not. The breeders were certainly doing their job well!" He was healthy and happy. After going through many names, we settled on Baxter. Baxter and my 2-year-old cavalier girl have become so close and constantly play which is good for both of them. Losing our Spencer left a huge void and Baxter is starting to fill the void. We can't say enough about these breeders (this is our 4th cavalier) they truly are exceptional. I would definitely recommend them as breeders but more importantly they are great breeders. I would defiantly use them again. Heartfelt thanks for all you have done to help us fill our void.

Linda Meunier

Our Teddi is just the most lovable and playful Cav we could ask for. She is smart, friendly and always in a positive mood. We couldn’t be happier with Alpine Cavaliers and Adriele’s help to pick our dog, send updates, and work with us on our eventual pick up. Russ

Russ Meraglio

Easy and Honest

Lavender, now Lottie, has been a joy! She has been very healthy and has a great personality. Adrie was a great communicator about the process and the history of the animals. Thankful for her and her family of dogs!

Nicole Marrero

Great Experience!

Adriele and her sister were a joy to work with! Very quick to respond and make arrangements on the new member of our family! We love Cavaliers and welcomed in our beautiful tri-color boy Murray in July 2023.

Jason White

Look no further for your King Charles Cavalier

I have purchased 2 of their pups and my experience from the beginning was awesome! They sent me pictures of them from just a few weeks, to their trips to the vet, first bath, etc. Then when I got them they gave me all the paperwork I needed. Also, explained their habits, preferred food, and gave me good advice for cavaliers. I highly recommend this breeder for your King Charles Cavalier!

christina DePalma Maffucci

Excellent Experience!

Our experience with Alpine Cavaliers was awesome. We weren't able to pick up our little guy for a bit after deciding to adopt and Alpine Cavaliers were very sweet and held onto him for us. We would receive pictures daily and sometimes video which helped us feel like we mattered and that the breeder cared. We also received a beautiful collage video all about our little Henry from the time he was born up until we picked him up. Alpine Cavaliers were very thorough with their information, the vaccines, and always quick to answer any questions we have. The little blanket they sent home with parents' and siblings' scent was a perfect little gift too as Henry was very nervous initially. Once he smelled something he recognized he settled right down and fell asleep. We would absolutely recommend Alpine Cavaliers! Thank you for making our experience adopting a handsome and healthy cavalier amazing!

Grant and Reanna Wilson

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