Parent Profiles

About CKC Spaniels

With soulful eyes, silky luxurious coats, and affectionate personalities, it's no wonder that Cavaliers are an easy favorite for many!

A toy spaniel no more than 13 inches high, the Cavalier draws you in with his face: The sweet, gentle, melting expression emanating from large, round eyes is a breed hallmark. Another is the silky, richly colored coat that can be one of four distinct varieties. Cavaliers may be aristocrats, but they gladly descend from their royal high horse for a backyard frolic or a squirrel chase. They get along nicely with children and other dogs. Adaptable Cavaliers do equally well with active owners and homebodies. They can be upbeat athletes or shameless couch potatoes, depending on an owner's lifestyle.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel wears his connection to British history in his breed's name. Cavaliers are the best of two worlds, combining the gentle attentiveness of a toy breed with the verve and athleticism of a sporting spaniel. The Cavalier's all-around beauty, regal grace, and even temper mark him as one of dogdom's noblemen. 

An Introduction To Our Adult Dogs

Ivy Valentine

Meet Ivy… she is a tricolor girlie and most perfect in every way. She has been an amazing addition to our program and will LW have her first litter the latter part of this year. She is full of life and has an outstanding personality.

OFA: pending 

Weight: 14 pounds 


Meet Oliver… He is a handsome boy with his shining full, black coat. He is spunky, yet has an easy-going way about him. He is sweet and loves attention. 

OFA certification: normal patellas and elbows, normal/clear heart, fair hips

Weight: 19 pounds

Jasmine Reign

Meet Jasmine… She is the intelligent one. Her pleasant, friendly demeanor shines! Just to mention her loyalty, she adores her human and will do anything to please her. 

OFA certification: normal/clear heart and normal patellas

Weighs: 16 pounds


Meet Tisha… She is our stunning tri-color mama. She is the perfect balance between lively, spunky, and a big lap dog.  She has an amazing temperament and is such a good mama to her babies.

OFA certification: normal/clear cardiac, normal patellas

Weighs: 14 pounds

Jasper Blaze

Meet our one and only Blenheim boy, Jasper… He is willing to do anything to please his human. He has an easy-going and shy disposition. Once accustomed to his environment, he is fun and playful. He is notorious for his sudden bursts of affection of hugs and kisses.

OFA certification: good hips, normal elbows, normal/clear cardiac, normal patellas

Weight: 18 pounds

Isabella Ruby (retired)

Isabella has retired from our program. She has been the best mama to her puppies! Her nature being so sweet, free-spirited. 

Weight: 18 pounds

Wrenlee Ray

Meet Wrenlee... her rich, ruby red coat gives her the most stunning appearance. She loves belly rubs and cuddling. She has a very sweet and calm temperament. 

Weight: 12 lbs but still growing


Meet Bambi... one of our newest additions and will hopefully be a future mama for our program. She is everything a puppy is and runs zoomies round everyone. In the lap, she is a true sleepyhead. Out of the lap, she is an excited, playful little puppy.

Weight: 9 pounds still growing

About Us 

Hi, we are two sisters, Adriele and Smucker, and we first fell in love with CKC Cavaliers after receiving our first Cavalier as a family dog. He brought us so much love and happiness like we didn’t know a dog can! Now that he is past and gone, we want to continue his legacy, and share with other families the same joy as we experienced with him.